The Daily Minimum Wage Has Been Increased – Here’s The Implication For A Young Adult

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Surviving tertiary education, National Service, landing a job and making sure that you survive on your little income or on no income at all is tough.

It is very difficult when you have expenses to make yet you do not make enough or make any money at all cover those expenses.

Sometimes, when you land a job the income is very small you can barely cover your transport and food for the month.

However, no matter how low that income is, the government has a system to ensure that it doesn’t go below a certain mark.

That is what is called the National Daily Minimum Wage.

In certain countries such as the United States of America, they have the hourly minimum wage.

In Ghana, our lowest unit is the “by day” work and a base wage is set to protect those who earn some of the lowest wages in the country.

Though most office work in Ghana pays low salaries, most of them pay above the daily minimum wage, however, as a young person out of school and done with national service without employment, you might find yourself taking on certain menial jobs to stay afloat.

Currently, the daily minimum wage is GHS 11.82. This means if you are employed to work in any part of the country, you shouldn’t be paid anything less than that amount on a daily basis.

Starting this month, the daily minimum wage has been increased to GHS 12.53 and on January 1, 2022 that will increase to GHS 13.53.

This means that, if you work for 21 days in a month, starting this June, you should be paid GHS 263.13 and starting January 1, 2022, you should be paid GHS 284.13.

Earning GHS 263 a month cannot help you survive in this Accra and other parts of the country, but make sure that you do not earn less than that for work done if you find yourself in such a position.


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