Ghanaians On Twitter Flex With Their Beautiful Handwriting

Handwritten note. Credit: Kweku Spider

Growing up, some of us had to keep buying “My First Copy” books. The handwriting issue was a real challenge.

While some got the flair and were able to develop beautiful handwriting, others were also basically struggling.

The issue of one’s handwriting is so important that it is sometimes used to identify people. A handwriting style is often unique to everyone and while others are artistic pieces others are basically horrible.

One’s inability to produce clear handwriting is even seen as a disability called dysgraphia.

This is a specific learning or transcription disability where an individual is impaired by handwriting.

Sometimes too, as in the case of the copybooks, when a person doesn’t get sufficient handwriting training as a child, the person then is not able to develop a good handwriting skill.

This means the person will be losing out some of the touching moments that come with sending people you care about touching handwritten note – or better still, hire someone to do that on their behalf.

A number of people have mastered the art of handwriting and these are the people who loved to copy their notes in school.

With the proliferation of technology devices, the emphasis on handwriting seems to have mellowed a bit, but folks on Twitter are trying to let the whole world know that they’ve got amazing handwriting skills.

Thank God that we are not forced to write a lot these days… Computers have been a huge lifesaver for some of us.


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