6 Things You Shouldn’t Say When Breaking Up With Someone

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If we are being honest with ourselves, figuring out what to say to your partner during a breakup can be really tough even if you’ve emotionally distanced yourself from them. It’s incredibly important that you think about what you want to say thoroughly before you break the news to them. Here are some of the things you really shouldn’t say to them.

1. “I need a break”

Especially when you know in your hearts of hearts that you’re done. Yes, the situation is saf and you can’t help but feel very guilty but you need to keep it straight with them otherwise you’ll just hurt them more. They may agree to the break blindly but you still won’t feel okay with yourself and you may end up doing something you’ll regret and say “we were on a break” or to give them the chance to do the breaking up for you.

2. “You deserve better”

You may think you’re making the person feel better with this statement but it actually works in the opposite direction. Find something else to say like “You were amazing and I will never forget that.” This is sincere and will be received better.

3. “It’s not you, it’s me”

This is a very cliche line we’ve heard from the movies and it’s very insulting that someone whom you’ve been open to and shared things you’ve never told anyone will look you in the face and say this. It’s not honest and anyone can see through it.

4. “You are like this or that”

You want a breakup and not a fight. Accusing your partner of something will put you in a fight you don’t want to be in. Don’t say anything hurtful or insulting. Be direct and move on. Rip that bandage off.

5. “I am no longer attracted to you”

Think about it this way. If your partner told you they were no longer attracted to you, how would you feel? There is an underlying reason why you’re no longer attracted to your partner. Communicate about that.

6. Ghosting

Depending on the circumstances behind the breakup, leaving your partner in the dark is really not the best situation. It’s cowardly. It’s emotional abuse and it’s just wrong! This is someone that you have history with. They deserve an explanation.

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