Tyrone Marhguy On The Judgement, Why He Chose Achimota & His Dream For Ghana

Tyrone Marhguy. Photo credit: Tyrone Marhguy/Twitter

On Monday, May 31, 2021, the Human Rights Court 1 Division of the High Court in Accra ordered Achimota School to admit Tyrone Marhguy, the dreadlocked Rastafarian boy, into the school. The Court also directed Achimota School to admit Oheneba Nkrabea, another Rastafarian student, into the school.

Two months ago, both students were refused admission into the school due to their hairstyle which they attributed to their Rastafarian religious belief.

The parents of the two students were unhappy with the decision of Achimota School to deny their wards admission due to their hairstyle. They, however, decided to sue the school over the matter, and eventually had the judgement of the court in their favour.

Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea… Father of Oheneba on the far left

Reaction to the judgment

Reacting to the court’s ruling on the matter, Tyrone Marghuy told Kuulpeeps that: “It feels great, knowing finally, a winner has been declared based on the supreme constitution of Ghana.”

Tyrone, however, revealed that he felt disappointed and confused when he was rejected by Achimota School because of his hairstyle because he was not expecting that to happen.

“When the issue started, I felt disappointed and confused because we were not expecting anything like this even though some people were saying when you get there they might ask you to cut your hair… But we were not really expecting this because on the very first day, when we were asked to present our placement forms, we went there and everything was fine, we were given the prospectus, we were given the guidelines, they asked us to buy our stuff and present them on the day we were asked to come back, that was the 18th.”

“So everything seemed fine. I was assuming that in case of anything, they might want to communicate something to us, at least before we proceed to any big deal, but they didn’t so we assumed everything was fine until the 18th when everyone was reporting to their school and when we got there everything started. So I felt really disappointed because I wasn’t really expecting anything like this,” he said.

However, following the ruling of the court, Tyrone thinks unity can now prevail between him and Achimota School.

“I think now that a ruling has been passed and the constitution has been better explained, I, as a student, as well as, Achimota as an institution, can only work together in harmony in order to live the moral of us being in court, ‘unity’,” he said.

Why Achimota School?

Explaining why he chose Achimota School, Tyrone Marghuy said he initially had no idea of which senior high school he wanted to attend. “So I spoke with my class teacher, sir David, and I told him I wanted to be a day student, in a very good mixed school. So he suggested Achimota School,” he said.

“I decided to go with his suggestion and selected Achimota School, because if Sir David said it’s good then it must really be good. And I’ve also heard very good reviews from almost everyone I spoke with about Achimota School and they were like ‘This is school is very good. Just pick it. Don’t miss out on anything,” he added.

Achimota School

Like every General Science student, it is Tyrone’s dream to compete in the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), and that’s another reason why he chose Achimota School.

“I was looking forward to an equally good school that can actually train or at least monitor my performances in order to prepare me for the NSMQ. Because if I’m correct, Achimota School has won about two times already even though they haven’t won any in the past few years though but at least they’ve won, they have been at the finals before, so I considered Achimota School just so I can compete in the NSMQ too.”

His aspiration

Tyrone hopes to follow the footsteps of his father and take up a career in engineering which would enable him to help fix the problem Ghana has with electrical power.

“Like every other teenager, we all have dreams and hopes which we intend to accomplish in the future and on my part, I’ve changed my mind on several occasions because I remember when I was younger I fancied jobs like being a doctor, a pilot, a lawyer.

Tyrone Marhguy and his family

“But my dad is an engineer, he builds wind generators so he taught us how to build one. So when I was about 11-12 years, he taught us completely how to build with the armatures and coils and others, so we can build generators and with such basic knowledge, it influenced my decision to be an engineer in the future because If I’m correct we facing some form of national crisis. At least our power stability right now is not so good… So with an engineering career, I hope to positively contribute at least so that during our time in the future, power stability wouldn’t be as devastating as it is rumoured to be today. That is one of my key hopes in the future as to why I want to be an engineer. That way our nation and everyone can benefit from our skills.”

According to Tyrone, he will report on the campus of Achimota School on Friday, June 4, 2021, to be admitted into the institution. His sibling, Oheneba Nkrabea was admitted into the school on Thursday, June 3, 2021.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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