7 Major Takeaways From Shatta Wale’s Address Including Reserving 90% Airplay For Ghanaian Music

shatta wale
Shatta Wale. Photo credit: Shatta Wale/Instagram

Last night the great national address from Shatta Wale to the country went live.

Dressed in a suit and seated behind his desk in his office, Shatta Wale delivered a 10 minutes 19 seconds address to the country with a special shoutout to his fans and the brands that have aligned with his.

In a presidential-style national address, Shatta Wale sought to make various appeals on how to grow the Ghanaian music scene, make it beneficial for the Ghanaian musician and help promote the country’s image around the world.

If you did not catch his speech, don’t worry we got you…

Here are 7 major statements Shatta Wale made in his national address.

Return To Social Media

Shatta Wale, who has been away from social media for a month now, announced that he is back on all platforms. He initially had a total social media blackout only to start posting exclusively on Instagram about two weeks ago. But he is back on all his platforms now.

He said he took a break to enable him to focus on working on the Gift of God Album.

Shatta Wale is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter and leader of the Shatta Movement Empire (image via Instagram/Shatta Wale/credit: Manuel Photography)

The American Trip

While on his social media break, Shatta Wale travelled t Miami, Florida for vacation. But work followed him there and he shot three music videos for his upcoming album there. He said he also recorded 5 songs for the album including a feature from Naira Marley and Jamaican musician, Popcann. He also recorded a song with an unnamed multiple Grammy award-winning artiste.

Unique Genre

Shatta Wale advocated for the need to have that one genre of music that is authentically Ghanaian. He said business associates in America wanted to know the kind of music Ghanaians do and what is uniquely Ghanaian. He believes that we need to do this to draw global attention to the local industry. Some will argue the answer is Hi-Life.

Artistes And The Business Of Music

He also called on his colleagues to take the business side of their music seriously. “Artistes should also focus on the business side of doing music,” he said. He tasked them to invest in themselves and learn more about their craft so that they can make a living out of it. “We should be able to make money from music even if we are not in the studio,” he added.

Shatta Wale is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter and leader of the Shatta Movement Empire

Play 90% Ghanaian Music

Shatta Wale also asked for the institution of a national agenda that prioritizes Ghanaian music on the airwaves. “Let’s give Ghanaian music 90 per cent of the airwaves and spread 10 per cent for other countries,” he said. He believes media house owners, DJs, event organizers, MUSIGA and the government to foster this national agenda.

Ghana Is Not Accra

He said it is time to decentralise events in the country and that all major music shows should not be held only in Accra. “We should have big music events that should be held annually around the country, this will help promote new artistes from those minority regions,” he said.

Use Music To Promote Ghana

Lastly, he urged the government to invest in music and harness it as a tourism tool to promote the country. He asked that 10 per cent of the sports budget should be spent on music and by doing this “it will set us on global heights.”

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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