6 Simple Ways To Help Relieve Period Cramps

You always forget how bad period cramps are until they hit you the next month. When they hurt, they reeaally hurt. Most of us have had our period for over 10 years and we still get shocked about the intensity of the pain.

Cramps are caused by a hormone which causes uterine contraction; prostaglandins. The more this hormone is produced, the more intense the pain. Here are ways to reduce the pain.

1. Birth control pills

Well if you’re currently struggling with pain, getting a birth control pill won’t alleviate the pain now but they have been scientifically proven to lessen menstrual symptoms starting in the first month of use.

2. Painkillers

If you want instant relief, painkillers are your best bet. Some people have complained that certain painkillers stopped the pain and the blood flow so it’s best to go to the pharmacy and get the ones targeted at menstrual cramps.

3. Heat pads

If avoiding medication is your thing, heat pads do wonders. Heat helps your muscles relax and eases pain so you can use a hot water bottle, heat pad or draw a hot bath.

4. Exercise

I know this is probably the last thing you want to do but have you realised that sometimes, the pain gets severe when you’re sitting at one place? When you walk around, you don’t feel the cramps as much. Don’t do too much. Brisk walking, yoga and light aerobics are low-impact forms of exercise and will help relax your muscles and reduce menstrual pain.

5. Herbal tea

Some herbal tea varieties can help reduce cramps. Chamomile and peppermint teas are usually recommended for the pain because they are calming to the body.

6. Diet

Yes, you may be craving all the chocolates and sweets and sodas and fatty foods in the world but you know that when you take in sugar, everything will get worse. Processed and fried foods are high in omega-6 fatty acids, which creates stronger prostaglandins (the hormone we talked about in the beginning). More prostaglandin equals more pain.

We hope these help you out.

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