5 Ghanaian Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Right Before Sex

There are certain foods to stay clear of when you have a “match”. Some foods just make you feel bloated and downright unsexy and you should try to avoid them before engaging in any sexual activity. Here are some of them.

1. Kenkey with fish

You already know why👀. If you plan on having any oral sexual activity, kenkey should be eaten after the sex because of the pepper. No one wants pepper on their genitals. Apart from oral sex, even fingers carry the sting from the pepper so that would mean no rubbing. Also, your breath will stink of pepper and onions. Just to be safe, eat this after sex. Not before it.

2. Noodles

Majority of us love a lot of pepper and onions on our noodles which isn’t ideal if you’re going to be kissing and giving head. Don’t send anyone into the emergency room please.

3. Beans with eggs

We all know beans causes you to fart more and combining that with eggs, that’s a murder attempt 🌚. If you know you’re going to do the nasty, avoid eating beans or beans with eggs as that will cause you to release really smelly farts and spoil the mood. You’re welcome.

4. Coleslaw

The main ingredient for coleslaw which is cabbage is bad news when it reaches the gut. Once there, fermentation occurs and it creates a gas galore. The mayo or salad cream only makes things worse.

5. Cheese

Especially if you’re lactose intolerant, please look the other way. Whether it’s pizza or burgers or pasta, if you’re planning on having sex, try to avoid anything with cheese on it.

What other food do you think we should have added? Let us know in the comments section.

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