You’ve Probably Met These 5 Types Of Ghanaian Co-Workers During Lunch Break

There are a number of different characters in the Ghanaian office and during lunch break, we see them all come to life. We are sure you’ve experienced at least 2 of these people during break time.

1. Those who always order something expensive

These ones make you question whether or not they pay both of you the same amount. Everyday they buy food and pay for delivery and at the end of it all, they spend about GHS 60. And this is aside their transportation every single day.

2. The vultures

These ones will never buy their own food and you all know this so you try as much as possible not to bring the food to the office otherwise they’ll eat some. It’s either they share with one person or they eat from everyone’s plate. If you decide not to give them too they take offense.

3. Those who always vanish

You don’t see where they pass. All you know is that sometimes, you see them come out of an Uber when time is up and they enter the office. You’ll try prying but they won’t say anything. Do they go and eat? Is it a lunch date? So they go and do other things apart from eating?🌚👀

4. The ones who rely on snacks

I mean, you can’t blame them. With the current economy and how expensive everything currently is, if you can rely on snacks and still get your work done then do that chale.

5. Those who bring food from home

These ones don’t want any wahala. They bring their food and are sorted for the day. No extra money to be spent on food. It’s a wonder how they wake up early to fix themselves food. Some of us always plead with God to let the time go slowly so we get more time to sleep.

Which of these are you? Which of these people are in your offices? Do let us know in the comments section.


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