Sing-Along To The Complete Lyrics Of Black Sherif’s “First Sermon”

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Black Sherif for the past three weeks has had the whole of Ghana paying attention to his sound. After dropping his hit single “First Sermon” off his upcoming project, Black Sherif has since been topping charts across all digital streaming platforms.

After charting at No.2 on Audiomack’s Top 10 HipHop Songs Worldwide ahead of some top Ghanaian artists, Black Sherif also received his first Number 1 spot for Apple Music Top 100: Ghana. Black Sherif’s first sermon is currently the Number 1 most trending song on Youtube Ghana.

Black Sherif’s new single “1st Sermon Freestyle” is an anthem for all street hustlers. The single gives fans an insight on what to expect in his upcoming project “Road To The Tape.“

The song has received support from Sarkodie, Criss Waddle, and Edem projecting him as the next big Artist to go mainstream in Ghana.

Sing along with the complete lyrics of Black Sherif’s “First Sermon” below;

Roll it tight and I’m dazing

Wode meka aa come and pay me

Cause life on the skreets be so crazy

e dey get me high on a daily

Ennwom aa meeye yi for dey pay me

I no know what dey delay me

For the fame I fit wait I’m not crazy,

But mo nfa me sika mma me i been waiting

Been a couple years in Accra

Obiara nnim how adey take survive

Mesore anɔpa aa then it’s trap

And I’ve been on this grind all my life

Ano go lie this life no be new to me

Obra be sending it’s nudes to me

I no dey like how it looks for real

Nti menna ha make he fool to me

Cause obiara nim se me trappi nnyɛ nne

Kɔ na kɔ bisa panin se me history ne sen

Obiara nim se trappi nnye nne

Kɔ na kɔ bisa panin se me guy name yɛ sɛn


Coming like a raging storm fasten up your belt,

Sa m’ase koraa menkɔ ten toes till

I’m late I bet you dunno where I’m from it’s do or die

we no fail

Coming like a raging storm fasten up your belt,


Fresh from the under jigga Too cold

Traplife life jigga live from the zone

jiggy on the outside inside oh!

ma me few months I’ll be fucking up shows

Make them no lie you we got the sauce

Obiara nka ho ɛyɛ me ne ma bros

Juice nabroso aa edey over flow! Woh

Tell a man make them compose

Sɛ deɛ me kaa yɛ naaa keep it locked and

keep it gangster

Sɛ deɛ me baa yɛ naa too mysterious niggas

blessed fam

Aben no bom pampaana you for check your

body and check your appearance

[tell a man make he check ein appearance]

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