If You’re Too Shy To Buy Condoms, You’ll Definitely Relate With These Points

Buying anything related to sex is quite stressful for a number of people, especially at this side of the world where people judge you because of sex, meanwhile, they do it too.

A number of ladies find it difficult to buy morning after pills and guys find it hard to buy condoms. If you’ve ever been shy to get a condom. You’ll relate with these points.

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1. You always find a way to get a friend to buy it for you or you steal from them.

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2. This is you when you have a “match” but there’s no condom in sight so you have to go get it by yourself.

3. You go to a pharmacy where no one will recognize you so that you don’t go and meet one of your parent’s friends there

4. When you enter the pharmacy and there are people at the counter, you walk around pretending to look at other stuff.


5. When shop attendants try to ask you what you want, you shake your head and move somewhere else


6. You pick stuff you genuinely don’t want or need just so you can mask your main reason for coming: fornication.

7. Once the people leave the counter, you hurriedly get there to pay for your stuff and add a box of condoms so other people will not come and see you.

8. When paying for the items, you try so hard not to make eye contact and pray that the pharmacist doesn’t try to engage you in any conversation.


9. If the bag is transparent, you immediately remove the condom and put it somewhere else; in your pocket or bag. Somewhere no one will see.

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