Here’s A To-Do List For Starting The New Semester

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Vacation’s over and you’re both really excited to get out of the house again, and also at the same time not looking forward to another academic year, even though that’s what it means. However you’re feeling, you still need to get ready. A quick and easy to-do to smoothen the transition.

Check Your Student Email

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A lot of set our student emails up during registration and then just forget about them from that point on. But at the beginning of each semester, important information about your course and changes in the school are actually sent to your student email.

Create A Study Schedule

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Once you’ve gotten familiar to your class schedule, it’s time to draw up a study timetable. The earlier you get into the routine of studying, the likelier it is that you stick to it. And you’re also going to be more prepared when exam come around at the end of the semester.

Choose Your Electives

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During the period when adding and dropping of courses is still open, it’s a good idea to attend the lecture lectures of all the optional electives so you can evaluate which one is the best fit.



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