Ghanaians Drag Achimota School For Decision To Appeal Tyrone And Nkrabea’s Win

Tyrone Marhguy (left) and Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea (Right). Photo credit: Tyrone Marhguy/Twitter

Yesterday, there was a sense of great joy on social media after Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea won their case against Achimota School and the government.

The boys had dragged the school, Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service and the Attorney General to court for infringement on their human rights.

Achimota School. Photo credit: Achimota School/Twitter

This came up after the publicly-funded Achimota School refused to grant them admission unless they cut their dreadlocks.

The students refused to do so citing religious freedom right and yesterday, Justice Gifty Addo agreed with them. She ordered Achimota School to grant the students admission.

A day after the ruling, the Board of Governors of Achimota School has said it did not agree with the ruling and that it would appeal the judgement.

Statement from Achimota School’s Board of Governors.

Since the statement went public a lot of Ghanaians who were excited about the judgement yesterday were disappointed in the school.

With the judgment coming from a high court judge, the next court that will sit on the case will be an Appeals Court.

From there, the case can go to the Supreme Court if any of the parties want to appeal the decision of the Appeals Court.


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