Amazing Photos Of Ghanaian Beauty Captured In The Month Of May

Afia Agyeiwaa. Photo credit: Afia Agyeiwaa/Twitter

Ghanaians who are living both home and abroad are awesomely beautiful.

There is no denying the fact the popping melanin is a contributory fact to Ghanaian women being amazing and looking awesome while at it.

Ghanaian women are some of the most industrious people in the world.

As a matter of fact, in 2018, Ghanaian women were leading in a global survey of women entrepreneurs. Though Ghana slipped to third in the 2020 ranking… it takes nothing from the amazing women who are running their own businesses and living the life of an entrepreneur.

That’s why we often love to celebrate Ghanaian women.

We are in June and gradually bringing the first half of the year to a close. While we do that, Ghanaian women have been posting the photos that captured their beauty in the previous month.

It is for that reason that we are bringing you a thread of just a select few of our amazing women.

Who said we can only celebrate Ghanaian women on International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day?


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