Why You Need A Motivation Letter For Your Master’s And How To Write One

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If you’ve ever tried to apply for a Master’s program out of the country, you might have been asked for a letter of motivation. And unlike a personal statement, a letter of motivation isn’t just about promoting yourself and telling a university why you’re the right fit for a particular course.

Instead, what you’re trying to accomplish with a letter of motivation is to let the university know what your long term plans are. And why you that qualification to make those to make those plans happen.

Use Storytelling As A Tool

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You’ve probably head the words, “show don’t tell,” before. And there’s a reason that it’s such a popular piece of advice. Putting statements like “I am a good leader,” on your motivation letter is only going to end up coming off as vague.

If you tell a story that demonstrates your leadership instead, whoever is reading your application is more likely to be invested. Telling a story gives them an insight into who you are as a person and increases your chances of landing the slot.

Follow Guidelines Or Do This If There Aren’t Any

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Not following instructions to the letter is one of the ways that you might botch your Master’s degree application. Do not exceed the prescribed number of words and follow any other guidelines that are provided.

However, if there are no guidelines provided, you want to keep your letter of motivation to about a page and a half using a font like Times New Roman or Arial set to a standard 12 pixels.

Don’t Rush It, And Make Sure That Someone Proofreads Your Letter

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University is a place where a lot of us learn to procrastinate. However, when it comes to a letter of motivation, you want to get started as early as possible because chances are that you are probably going to have to rewrite your letter one or two times.

You also want to get feedback from a fresh pair of eyes whenever you get the chance.

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