Habits That Will Help You Avoid Body Pain If You Spend Long Hours Behind A Desk

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If you sit at a desk for hours at a time every day, there are some things that you’re going to want to put into your routine so that you don’t end up hurting and feeling uncomfortably sore. These tips will help you study, work or game more healthily.

Use A Footstool

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When you’re seated at a desk, your chair shouldn’t be so high that your feet don’t touch the ground. It also shouldn’t be so low that your knees are higher than your seat. If your chair is too high and won’t adjust to the right height, try using a footstool.

Sit Behind A Desk

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When you’re using a laptop, it’s tempting to work from your bed or on a couch because of how easy they are to carry around. However, if you’re you’re using your laptop on your lap, you’re going to have to stay bend your neck for long hours which can lead to pain in your spine.

Take A Lot Of Breaks

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Taking a break every once in a while doesn’t harm your productivity. In fact, when you stay seated for a long time, it gets to a point where you’re keeping busy, but you aren’t being productive. Taking breaks not only refreshes you, but it also allows you to stretch and loosen up your stiff joints.

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