#FixTheCountry: How Nigerians Have Adopted The Hashtag For Their June 12 Demonstration

Brotherhood between Ghana and Nigeria

The hashtag #FixTheCountry has become a rallying cry from young Ghanaians to those in government to the job that they vehemently campaigned for.

The hashtag has been used to expose the many problems at exist in the country, from education to health, unemployment to housing among others.

When the conveyors of the hashtag planned to hold an on-the-ground demonstration, the Ghana Police Service secured an injunction to stop them.

This injunction was based on the restriction law that came into force to control social gathering as a preventative measure to curb the spread of COVID-19 infections.

The conveyors were then forced to continue with the virtual protest.

Since then it seemed the momentum behind the campaign has dwindled a little though conveyors are still making sure that #FixTheCountry remains a topical issue to this day.

Our brothers and sisters in Nigeria, are, however, trying to give the hashtag a renewed sense of purpose.

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They have issues in their own country as well, key among them is the recent state of insecurity in their country.

In addition to that, they claim remnants of SARS are still operating, cost of basic items such as fuel, yam and others continue to rise while there is unemployment and those with jobs are earning peanuts.

Disillusioned with their President, Muhammadu Buhari, they are also asking him to step down. He has been in office May 2015, however, young Nigerians claim he is not working in their interest.

As a result on June 12, armed with the #FixTheCountry hashtag and their own #June12Protest, young Nigerians will be taking to streets to demand Buhari’s resignation and for their political elites to do their job.

#FixTheCountry is a hashtag that young citizens in a country that is not looking out for them can easily gravitate to.

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