Check Out These 5 Simple Ways To Style Your Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are those pants that are flare from the waist down to the bottom. They are stylish, chic and versatile. In these pants, your legs get to “breathe” since they’re not snug. Here are different ways to style up yours.


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Get a cropped top and pair it with either your normal palazzo or a split side palazzo pant. If your pants are in bold and dark colours, pair them with light coloured cropped tops and vice versa. If you have printed pants, pair it with plain tops.


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Get sleeveless tops. These tops balance out the volume of the wide leg shape. You can tuck them in your pants for a simple classy look or layer other clothes on it. Sleeveless tops are perfect for the warm weather and give you a lot to work with.


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Wear a blazer over the pants. If you want a simple yet classy look, the blazer-palazzo combo is the way to go. Blazers add structure and a touch of power to your palazzo pants outfit and so this combination can be worn for important meetings or for work when you want to appear important, powerful and still stylish.


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Get an off-shoulder top. These type of tops also do a great job striking a balance with the wide legged pants. The neckline of this top is very flattering for women of any body type.


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If the weather gets colder, you can pair the pants with a sweater top. If you’re petite, you may need to tuck in the sweater a little so you don’t look too “bulky”. Pair the look with heels to upgrade the look.

Even though people may only catch glimpses of the shoes you wear, shoes are still a very important accessory to your look. Depending on what you’re wearing you can wear strapped heels, flat strapped sandals, classic court heels or even sneakers.


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