4 Things Women Should Never Do For Their Men Or Any Other Person

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We live in a country/continent where women are actually encouraged to put everything and everyone above themselves. Thankfully, majority of us are trying hard to change the narrative and put ourselves and our mental health first. Here are some things no woman should do for their man or any other person.

1. Change your appearance

If you don’t want to change your appearance for yourself, don’t do it for anyone. If you’re okay with how you look, your weight and even the way you dress, don’t be pressured to change for anyone. They knew what you were like and knew who you were before they came to you so why the sudden change of heart? If you’re okay with yourself, don’t change anything.

2. Alter your life plans

If you’ve always wanted to marry before giving birth, don’t let one man try to convince you to do otherwise just because he can. If you’ve never wanted kids too, let your partner know and if he doesn’t agree, let him go. He shouldn’t agree and later start putting pressure on you to change. If any life plan of yours has to be changed, it should be something you decided on.

3. Compromise your passions

You should remember all the goals and targets you set before you met this person. Nobody should make you compromise on things that give you joy and a sense of purpose. If you have a job opportunity that you think is perfect for you, go ahead and do it. Don’t let anyone sit on your happiness in the name of relationship.

4. Compromise your personal relationships

Your relationship shouldn’t isolate you from everyone. You should be able to still reach out to friends and go out with them when you want. If your partner keeps asking you to cut people off including your own family, know that there’s something wrong and you need to get out of that relationship as fast as you can.

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