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What always ends Everything?

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The letter 'G' ends the word 'Everything.'

What weighs less the more you add?

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The poor have it, the rich need it, and it is greater than God, what is it?

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Nothing is actually greater than God!

Edith's mom has 4 children; April, May, June,... what's the name of the fourth child?

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The question said 'Edith's mom' so obviously Edith is the last child

A boy's phone rang in a library. 20 eyes looked at him. How many people were in the library?

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Each person has two eyes, which means 10 people looked at the boy, plus the boy himself, making it 11.

Can you take a picture of a friend with a wooden leg?

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No buddy, you only take pictures with cameras, not wooden legs.

What was the president of Ghana's name in 2004?

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Even though Nana wasn't president in 2004, his name was the same in 2004. Check the question again.

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