Geo Wellington Releases Up-tempo Summer Jam ‘My Baby O’

Geo Wellington

After delivering earlier this year with the still relevant ‘Yenko’, Geo Wellington hands fans another mood booster, ‘My Baby O’ right in time for the summer accompanied with a music video.

Listen here:

Afrobeat at heart, ‘My Baby O’ is an upbeat love song with elements of pop and dance rhythms that help create a feel bound to resonate among fans. Coupled with its ecstatic cover art, the UK-based artist is confident in replicating the success of his previous release ‘Yenko’. ‘’Yenko’ continues to rock Ghana’s major airwaves so I figured; why not give fans an equally good song to jam to this summer? It’s obvious they loved the feel of the first and want more’’, Geo Wellington shared.

Geo Wellington is very versatile in his music so he usually gives his fans different genres of music at any time. Some of his recent releases have seen a Hip-Hop/Rap, Afrobeat and of course Afro-Pop tracks to his records.

Geo Wellington prepping fans for his album which is rumored to drop later this year. Till then, fans can keep ‘My Baby O’ and its funky new video on daily rotation.

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