Can You Still Be Friends After A Breakup? Read This To Know More

Breaking up with someone comes with a range of emotions no matter how long you 2 dated for. If you really liked your partner, you would find yourself moving from being sad to being relieved to being bitter and a range of other emotions. The one question after it all is whether you can be friends because all the love that was shared between you couldn’t have vanished into thin air right? Here’s what you should know.

First of all, you need a break. You need to stop communicating so much with each other and find ways to deal with the breakup. If you continue chatting, it wouldn’t feel like you’ve broken up and so your feelings will still be all over the place. You need that break so you both can cope without each other and then heal. That break is important.

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Secondly, you both need to want to be friends. It doesn’t work if you both aren’t interested. It will be a one sided thing that will make you feel even worse than you’re currently feeling since the other person might take it as you want to get back with them when you just really want to be friends. Have an honest conversation so you both know where you’re at. If being friends is out of the cards for them, don’t force it. Just move on.

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You need to realise that your friendship cannot go back to how it was before the relationship and so you would have to build one from scratch that will resemble the one you had at first.

Also, be realistic. This may or may not work out and that’s okay. Maybe you’ll pick it up from where you’ve left off later. Don’t force things. If it’s too sad or frustrating to chat with your ex let it go.


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