6 Types Of Neighbors You’ve Probably Met As A Ghanaian

Out of these 6 people, we are sure you’ve encountered at least 3. Neighbours are needed especially because of the help they provide you with when it comes to emergencies and the likes. It’s important to be “cool” with them. The occasional hello, hi is very necessary even if sometimes, they overstep a little. Here are 6 types of neighbours you’ve come across as a Ghanaian.

1. The Snitches

These ones are the area CCTVs. You don’t know how they find out about anything but once they do, know that they’ll report you to whoever. If they see you talking to someone of the opposite sex, they’ll report you to your parents. If they see your parents aren’t home and you’re entertaining visitors, once your parents come back, they’ll say something to them.

2. The kokonsa ones

Their jobs are to provide a listening ear and go and talk about your experience with someone else. They know about everybody and won’t hesitate to talk about everyone.

3. Those who always borrow

They borrow any and everything; even saucepans. If you’re nice or have nice parents, they’ll take advantage and just keep coming back. With these ones you have to draw a line. You have to nip it in the bud otherwise it will just keep happening.

4. The difficult ones

They always have a problem with someone. They don’t like where you’ve parked or don’t like how you’re playing music or something. They are hard to talk to because they think they’re always right no matter what. The way out of their trouble is being friends with them or just avoiding them totally.

5. The recluse

You’ve probably just caught glimpses of them but you’ve not really met them. If you saw them in town you would pass right by them because you’ve not really met them for them to even look familiar. They don’t really come out and when they do, they move quickly and go back into their house.

6. Party people

Usually young people renting the place. They play loud music and talk on top of their voices. They almost always have a lot of people over and if you don’t live in an estate, there’s truly little you can do about the noise because ebi Ghana we dey.

An extra person for our list is the one who suddenly decides to open a church in their house. It starts small but eventually, you’ll start hearing drums and organs making noise. Soon you start trying so hard to sleep because they’re doing all night service. You can’t really arrest them and you won’t have anyone to complain about them to because 1. It will be the “devil using you” And 2. Ebi Ghana we dey.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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