Planning On Balling This Pay Day Weekend? Read This!

It’s the end of the month and you’ve probably already been paid and so it’s only right that you show your mates who’s the boss right? Wrong! We are here to be party poopers and remind you that, technically the month hasn’t even ended yet and so if you spend almost everything now, what will you use in the month of June? It’s the weekend and the temptation is high! Avoid spending too much by doing the following.

1. Eat before going out

This is a very simple hack that will help you save your money. If you really want to buy anything, you can get a drink which will obviously be less expensive as compared to getting food or both food and drink. Plus, you’ll not be salivating because you’re genuinely satisfied.

2. Tag along with ballers

You see the people who won’t read this article and so they are ready to spend everything on bottles and food just to show off? Yes, tag along with them. Majority of the time they just want to show that they have money and so you may not need to pay anything. Just keep hyping them up😹

3. Go out as a squad

Why? So you can all share the cost when you order something and it doesn’t have to be you paying for a full meal. Even the transportation cost can be split.

4. Stay at home

Come up with whatever excuse like no one is home so you have to watch your siblings or you’re not feeling too well or something. Just make sure you convince your people to go without you. Save whatever money you have.


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