Get To Know These 3 Popular Models In UPSA

These student models are unique as they create mind blowing content. If you are on UPSA campus, you may have seen them around, heard of them or even had a conversation or two with any of them. Here they are:

1. Maxine

Image via @Mtg.misssocial.maxine

Hi! I am Maxine, I am a commercial model. I shoot music videos as well. Since I am a student, I have to balance both my modeling career and my education by having an arranged time schedule to equally have time for both. I’ve always wanted to model since I was 14 years old. Modeling is something I look forward to doing full time and I am not only happy about it but I am passionate as well. I’m a UPSA public relations student in my 3rd year. You can find me on Instagram: @Mtg.misssocial.maxine

2. Claribelle

Image via @campbelle_clari

Hello! I am Claribelle a photo model and an occasional vixen as I’ve appeared in a few music videos. O’Kenneth’s “Agyeiwaa” is the current video I appeared in. Apart from being a model and student, I am a hair stylist as well. You can find my business page on Instagram @hair.bhelle.

Image via @campbelle_clari

I mostly have my shoots scheduled during the day and during weekends since my class is mostly in the evening and barely on weekends so it makes it easier to work during those times. I started modeling in 2016 at age 17 which was right after I graduated from senior high school. I am Public Relations Student in Level 300. On instagram, you can fine me @campbelle_clari

3. Laws

Image via @miss.lawsofficial_x

I’m a video vixen, beauty model and a Pageant model as well. Aside being a model, I’m a student and business lady who sells ladies stuff like panties, lingerie etc on Instagram @slaybylaws. I also love to design clothes. It was a bit complicated when I started schooling at the tertiary level because sometimes I would have class and my team would need me at a shoot.

Image via @miss.lawsofficial_x

I used to put class on hold for my shoots but with time I learnt to balance my time for school and modeling. I do shoots only when I don’t have class because I have to make good grades in class even though I want the money. I started modeling since childhood. I used to model for kids fashion line and stuff but I stopped for a while because my mum didn’t like the amount of time I invested in it. I started again in high school. I’m a Public Relations student at the University Of Professional Studies and in my second year. On Instagram, I am @miss.lawsofficial_x


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