6 Popular Food Joints Every UPSA Student Should Know About

There are food joints located in the UPSA community where you’d find students queuing week after week. The food in our community is affordable, have good quantity and full of variety. We put together a list of our top places in and around UPSA you should check out:

1. Bronze

Bronze is located behind the school and next to Peculiar heights hostels. Bronze is the joint with one of the best indomie meals around the campus. They usually operate in the night till about 1am.

2. Homemade

This is the most popular, delicious and affordable local food joint around campus. They serve the best local soups and is popular for their fufu and light soup. Homemade is
known by most UPSA, Legon, Radford, Knustford students and almost everyone located around the east Legon and madina community. Homemade is usually choked with human traffic but their food is worth the wait.

3. Mamacita

This is the “extra” Waakye joint located on the UPSA – adjinganor stretch. This Waakye is served with free drinks on Sundays. Mamacita also sells other rice foods like jollof and plain rice. The place is mostly packed with boys because she has a dinning area. Mamacita meals are ready by 9 am and goes into the day till 6pm.

4. Yellow Yellow

This is the only food joint made by men in the UPSA community. Yellow Yellow is a fried rice joint located on the Ayele road.

5. Birthdays

Birthdays is a popular restaurant also located on the Ayele road with the best Banku and tilapia, fried-yam with pork chops, jollof with wings and pizza. Birthday is always choked as their meals are good at affordable prices. Birthdays opens around 10am till 12am.

6. Fresh Vita yogurt

Right opposite UPSA campus sits a very nice and affordable fresh yogurt joint which sells pastries as well. This dessert shop has good yogurt in 2 flavors; Vanilla and Strawberry.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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