3 Ways Couples On UENR Campus Make Us Regret Being Single

love Photo credit: @githirinick courtesy of Nappy.co

One of the things we enjoy seeing most on campus are our campus couples. They make us want to marry. Getting a partner in school is one thing and maintaining the relationship is another. You’re not tagged a campus couple unless you serve us some couple goals on campus. Here are 3 times, our couples make us realize our “gnashional service” is long overdue 

1. When these couples match clothes and shoes

Our couples , occasionally decide to match each other’s dressing from head to toe, including accessories. Why will you do us like that?  It’s so satisfying to watch, and then we start wishing we weren’t single. 

2. When they mark a place as their spot, and “chop” love there 

Now hey, before you spot a sitting site intending to make it your favorite spot, make sure it hasn’t been seen by campus couples. If it has, please choose another spot. I repeat, don’t ever make campus couple’s sitting spot your spot, you can’t keep up with the pressure of not having your own partner sitting by you my dear, no one asked you to be single. 

3. When they show up at parties 

Now how can we talk about campus relationships and not talk about parties?? Like yo! Not only do these couples  show up together hand in hand, but they also hold on to each other so much that they sing love choruses to each other when the DJ is spoiling there. It’s so beautiful to watch. Campus couples make our parties all better with the love they spread in  the air. 

To our dear campus couples, we see you all Thanks for showing us love exists when for some of us, the only love we experience is by watching Korean series. You guys add to our exciting experiences in school and we hope when school resumes, you guys go haaaarrrddd for us. Give us more reasons to forget our shyness and shoot our shots. 

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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