How One Person’s Attempt To Be The Sneaker ‘Fugazi Police’ Goes Wrong

Back in high school and even now, we have those friends or acquaintances who will be quick to put someone wearing something perceived to be fake on blast.

For those at the centre of it, it is often a humiliating experience that they may never forget about their experience in school.

The terms ‘kpoo’, ‘banku’, ‘fugazi’ and others are used to refer to those “fake” designer wears.

It could be a cap, sunglasses, a shirt, a wristwatch, a belt, a backpack, or even footwear.

Sometimes, even the fear that what you are wearing could be labelled fugazi alone is enough to put your mental health into a tailspin.

However, nothing beats the disappointment on the part of the fugazi police when it turns out that he or she was wrong to claim that someone was wearing a fake product when in fact it is actually legit.

That is currently happening to an unidentified lady whose fugazi police video has gone viral for all the wrong reasons for her.

In what looked like she was in the restaurant of Ibis Styles Hotel with either her friends or family, she saw another lady wearing a sneaker she believed to be fake and she recorded a video.

In the video, she is saying the sneaker is fugazi while making a condescending laugh.

The black and white sneakers the other lady was wearing had the inverted check mark on the side which the lady believed to be a fake Nike sneaker.

However, that logo is actually the Decathlon Ghana logo.

According to them, they are the largest sports retailer in Ghana. They have a wide range of lowest and competitively priced sports Clothing, Sports Shoes ( Soccer Shoes, Running Shoes etc.) and other Sports Items. They design their products themselves. 

A Decathlon Sneaker

Those who know the brand were quick to call her out for putting an innocent person on blast for wearing fugazi and her sneaker is actually legit.

The message of the story is to mind your business and live your life while you leave others to live theirs.


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