5 Really Fun Date Ideas For This Weekend

If it’s been a while since you sent your significant other out on a date. If you’re looking for new ideas and new places to explore, keep reading.

1. Go Kart


Get competitive with your partner and go Go Karting. It’s exciting and different from the regular watching movies and eating out. The 2 popular places to do this are House Party Go-Kart and the A1 raceway Go-Karting.

2. Paint Ball

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Still on being competitive, you can go play paint ball. For this particular activity, you may both need squads so you can invite your friends while your partner invites theirs. Check this places out, War Games Paintball, Battlefield Paintball, Paintball Sunday, and Doom Paintball.

3. Paint and sip

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Test your creative sides by getting involved with this activity. There’s usually wine and small chips during this activity. You can book a session with paintboireafrica. You can also get 2 different pre drawn and plain canvas kits so you both can paint it at home from justpaint_gh.

4. Beaches

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If you’re a beach person, you can decide to hangout at the beach or book a weekend at an Airbnb close to the beach so you can hang out there the whole time.

5. Legon Botanical Gardens

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Let’s just say, the High Rope Course isn’t for the faint hearted. That activity will test you! If you’re ready for it, go ahead. Apart from that, it’s a really large space where you can have a picnic, go on a canopy walkway or just sit and hang out.

Which of these would you go for with your partner this weekend? Let us know in the comments section.

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Featured Image via Legonbotanicalgardens.com


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