14 Things You’ll Relate To If You’ve Ever Attended A Ghanaian Concert

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we haven’t physically experienced any Ghanaian concert yet in almost 2 years but we look forward to being able to enjoy the performances of our musicians.

Until a safer time when are able to enjoy this type of fun, we’ve decided to go down memory lane with experiences we know you’ve had before so far as you’ve attended a Ghanaian concert.

1. Contemplating whether or not to go early to get a place closer to the stage to stand/sit or just relax because you KNOW Ghanaian artists are never early.

Nigerian movie meme

2. When you decide to go early – 2 hours after the time stated on flyer with your friends and you get there and see there are only a handful of people there.

3. When the show starts with a lot of underground artists

4. After spending hours standing there and watching underground artists and wondering if this was the biggest mistake of your life, the MC comes on stage shouting that y’all should “put your hands in the air and make some noise.”

5. It’s been over 5 hours of standing, your legs hurt and you have to keep moving around a little just so you don’t feel the pain of standing and STILL, no major artist is out yet.

6. You don’t want to buy any snacks or drinks because everything there is ridiculously overpriced.

7. You regret not wearing a fanny pack because now you are holding into your phone for your dear life. If they steal your phone, you’re finished.

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8. One of the major artists finally comes out after hours and everyone suddenly gets active and are pushing forward. You do same with your friends because how else will you see the stage and post on Snapchat about it?

9. The artist starts shouting his songs and when he isn’t met with the same enthusiasm they ask why the crowd isn’t hyped.

Image of a meme via zikoko.com

10. The “live” show in Ghana is usually not “live” but a lip sync battle and everyone knows this.

11. When the artist performs just two songs and starts leaving…

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12. Before the MC closes the program, you start looking for a car hailing service or Taxi to get you and your squad home but every app is on surge.

Nigerian movie meme

13. You still have to look sharp and get one before the program really ends otherwise “you die there.”

14. You end up swearing that you’ll never be at any concert again but you know deep down, it’s not true😹

Fela Kuti as a meme//image via Last FM

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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