This App Will Help You Get Rid Of That Addiction

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There are many different reasons why people get addicted to various things. Whatever your addiction is; smoking, porn, drinking or even impulsive shopping, there’s an app that can help you take the first steps to letting go of it. It’s hard to stop but I Am Sober provides some tools that definitely help.

I Am Sober

I Am Sober via

The core feature of I Am Sober is that it helps you track how ling you’ve been free of your particular addiction. And the app also includes numerous milestones like your first three days sober, your first week sober, etc.

In addition to tracking how long you haven’t drunk (or whatever it is in your case) the app also allows you to observe how much money you’ve saved because you are not doing that thing.

Finally, and one of the more essential features of the app is that I Am Sober comes with community features which allow you to see posts of people who are struggling with the same addiction that you have and even share posts of your own.



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