Legon: Things You Should Know Before Taking An Exam On Sakai

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It’s exam season and I’m sure that you can’t wait to be out of school. However, before the vacation comes, you still have to get through all of those pesky online tests. If you’re not familiar with taking an exam on Sakai, then you might want to remember these tips.

You Might Have To Join A Group Before Your Test Shows

When the start time of your test reaches and it finally goes live on Sakai, you might still not have access to it. Don’t panic, all you have to do is join a group for that course and your test will show.

Use a computer and visit Sakai, after selecting your course, look at the top left corner of the screen and you should see “Tools”. Click on it and then select site info from the drop-down. You should be able to join a group. After that your test will appear.

You Can’t Come Back To Skipped Questions

Once you have answered a question, or you skip it, you won’t be able to return to it. So need to make sure that you’re comfortable with an answer before you hit “Next”. And also you want to avoid skipping questions altogether. Think each question through, and if you still end up short pick a random answer. A 25% chance of getting it right is better than a 0% chance.

You Want To Take The Test As Early As Possible

Unfortunately although Sakai is a great idea in theory, in real life there are one or two bugs that might give you a hear attack. Submitting tests might take a while, and there’s also a chance that the system goes offline as you’re taking a test. You can usually avoid these problems by taking the test early.

Final tip, if you run into any trouble taking a test on the platform, immediately reach out to the lecturer in charge of that subject.



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