Is Twene Jonas Trumpeting The Frustrations Of The Young Ghanaian?

Twene Jonas. Photo credit: Twene Jonas/Instagram

In the last couple of months, the young Ghanaian has been making more demands from the political elites and the government.

Ghanaian youth have always been part of the movement to demand more ifrom their leaders.

However, 2021 in particular has been very hectic with young Ghanaians saying enough is enough and that they have been taken for a ride for far too long.

The  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) community and ther allies have been asking the government to ensure that their basic human rights are respected.

LGBTQ photo. Photo credit: Feminstyle

We have had members of the media demanding justice for assault from securtiy personnel.

We have also had the famous and ongoing #FixTheCountry campaign that basically called out the political elite for reneging on their duties.

There have been countless posts about challenges in the country and the many challenges young people who are not building their lives face.

However, not a lot of those posts have become as controversial as those from Twene Jonas.

Jonas is a Ghanaian living in the United States of America and he often compares the failures of Ghana to what is happening in America.

Twene Jonas. Photo credit: Twene Jonas/Instagram

When he spoke about illegal mining and called out chiefs for their alleged involvement and/or indifference to the situation in the communities, he was rebuked and even cursed.

However, the reaction from some of the traditional rulers has only pushed more young people to support Jonas.

As the counterattacks on him grow by the day, he is also getting more and more young people who are ready to stand by him.

With decades of life ahead of them, young people of today have recognised that they will have a lot to deal with if the problems they are facing today in the health sector, education, housing and others are not fixed.

However, not even that bleak outlook is stopping the young people from having some sense of humour in the entire episode.

With everything that is going on, Twene Jonas has become a crusader for the young people who is not afraid to share his opinions no matter how distasteful it would be considered.


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