These Are The 5 Types Of Ghanaians Whenever Pay Day Arrives

Since we are almost at the end of the month, it’s likely that some people have been paid already while others are currently constantly checking their bank details hoping by Friday their salaries would have dropped because if not Friday, they’ll have to wait till Monday. We are sure you’ll be able to relate with at least 1 of these types of people when they are paid.

1. The ones in debt

Their salary has even finished before it enters their accounts. Once it drops, they have to start distributing it to the people they owe.

2. The Business-Minded people

These are usually those with side businesses. Immediately the salary drops, they start advertising everything and even run “sales” so you can buy. You can’t deny having money since you’ve just been paid and by the end of the day or week, they get almost twice their pay in their accounts.

3. Those who save

80% of the pay is going to their savings account. They will not spend any money apart from transportation to and from the office. If you want them to come for an event you have to let them know 2 or 3 months ahead so they can put down money for that event. No unnecessary spending goes on over here.

4. The ‘Calculators

Money usually finishes in their hands once they breathe so they’ve resorted to calculating every cedi. They are always trying to cut down cost by moving money around and reducing the number of places to visit.

5. The Spendthrifts

Immediately they see the bank alert, they’ll try convincing everyone to go big with either the food you normally order or even going out to have fun. Once money drops, it’s turn up season!

Which of these are you? Let us know in the comments section.


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