Here’s What To Do If Your Roommates Don’t Like Your Partner

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This happens a lot of times. Your roommate(s) may not be as excited as you are with your partner. Sometimes, there are real issues and reasons why they don’t see eye to eye with the person who is currently the love of your life and other times too, they really just like their space. What do you do if your partner and your roommate(s) can’t stand each other?

1. Confront the situation

If you’ve seen how they act around each other, you’ll have to acknowledge that there’s a problem somewhere. You’re the one who knows both parties best so bring it up with them separately and find out what is going on. Focus on the issue and try not to be judgmental. See what they’re saying through their eyes.

2. Find a solution

If it’s about how your partner is always around and your roomies can’t feel free enough, try to change the situation. Reduce the number of times your partner spends at your end and spend time at theirs as well. If it’s about your partner messing up the place and leaving dirty plates and stuff around, nip it in the bud. If you’re close friends with your roommate, sometimes the problem is the change in the friendship especially now that you’re spending almost all your free time with your partner. Try to find a concrete solution so everyone can move on and be happy.

3. They don’t have to be besties

They may both be important to you but they don’t have to be besties. Sometimes people just don’t like each other and that’s fine. It may or may not change in the future but at least you know that it’s not because of something you could control.

4. Balance

As said earlier, sometimes the problem is about the time spent with each person. If you used to spend a lot of time with your roommate and now it has reduced, try and find time for just the 2 of you because in as much as you’re in a relationship, you still need to have friends around you. Balance the time you spend with both parties.

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