4 Reasons Why You Should Use Shea Butter For Your Skin

Shea butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree.

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Its high concentration of vitamins especially Vitamin A and Vitamin E—vitamins that promote healthy skin and vision and protect cells from free radicals and also fatty acids make it ideal for UV protection and collagen production.

1. Anti inflammatory and treats acne

If you have acne scars, Shea butter helps to reduce the inflammation around it. It also provides moisture into the scar and weakens the appearance of acne scars. Raw, unrefined shea butter is effective in curing skin rashes, scars, stretch marks, burns, insect bites and stings, and acne. If something burns you for example, you should put that part of the body under running water for sometime and then apply Shea butter to it; massage it into the skin. Shea butter will sooth the pain and reduces swelling.

2. Reduces razor bumps

Using a shaving stick usually leaves the skin feeling itchy and sometimes leaves bumps behind. Shea butter moisturizes and soothes skin so those bumps become nonexistent.

3. Lip care

Shea butter is easily absorbed into the lips and provides the moisture needed by the lips especially in the dry season. It prevents the lips from getting chapped by forming a barrier on the lips and retaining moisture in the skin.

4. Reduces stretch marks

Shea butter is ever present in the ointments and creams that are said to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Shea butter restored the elasticity of the skin and increases collagen production.

Are you willing to try Shea butter on your skin for 3 months continuous? Let us know the results when you do.

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