The Exchange Tales: Oluwabunmi Amosu On Her First Year As A Graduate Student In Canada

Oluwabunmi Amosu is a Mastercard Foundation Scholar

Oluwabunmi Amosu is an international student at McGill University in Canada. She successfully completed her first year as a graduate student abroad, and has shared her challenges, how she was able to overcome them, and the lessons she learned.

She graduated with first-class honours in Business Administration and Management from Lagos State University in 2017.

After many failed attempts at securing a scholarship to study abroad, she was finally awarded two fully-funded scholarships — Commonwealth Shared Scholarship and Mastercard Foundation Scholarship — in March 2020.

She, however, opted for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Education and Society at McGill University in Canada. She was among the two Nigerians who were selected for the scholarship.

Oluwabunmi Amosu

Amosu started graduate school on September 2, 2020, and according to her, she had no idea what to expect and the COVID-19 pandemic made things much difficult. “I began to doubt myself two weeks into my program. ‘Am I prepared?’ ‘Is this what I signed up for?’… A lot of thoughts run through my mind,” she said.

She added: “I began to doubt my capabilities at one point, but after connecting with some of my classmates, I realized I wasn’t alone. At least, practically everyone feels this way, which relieves some of the burden. I also had some encouraging professors who helped me get through my first (Fall) term.”

Amosu successfully ended the fall semester with the help of her coursemates and lecturers. She went into the winter semester, which began in January 2021, feeling quite motivated until she received her course materials and felt anxious once more.

“But my support system came through yet again. Additionally, I made sure to set my reading schedule and complete my projects on time, and now it has ended,” she revealed, as her solution to the anxiety she felt at the start of the second semester.

Oluwabunmi Amosu with friends

Amosu is very excited about successfully completing the first of two years as a graduate student and she stated this as the lesson she learned: “Every journey presents its own set of challenges. It will not be simple, but with the appropriate attitude and mindset, you can overcome any obstacle.”

Amosu is passionate about entrepreneurship, education, and young people, especially girls. Her vision is to support the development of intervention programs in achieving quality, accessible and equitable education to ensure lifelong learning.

She is the founder of Smart Innovation Hub, a non-profit organisation that seeks to educate youngsters especially girls on entrepreneurial skills and promote learning opportunities through quality education.


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