#DateRush: The Dating Problems Played Out On Television

Date Rush. Photo credit: TV3 Ghana

There is no doubt that last night’s Date Rush was one of the most exciting episodes yet.

The reality speed dating show served us a fair amount of variety on our screens.

With the men playing host to women looking for love, it also brought out some amazing social constructs.

The foreign attractiveness

For instance, it proved that most people are still infatuated with people with some close proximity to whiteness – lives abroad, has a foreign accent and all that.

When the first video of Nabila was rolled for the men to watch, what stood out was her New York accent and her huge afro hair. Instantly, the men were sold and all of them were clamoring to date her.

Date Rush. Photo credit: TV3 Ghana

For the first time in the show, by the end of the day, 8 out of the 10 men on the stage were willing to date her. She then had to choose one out of the 8 to be her date.

Church guy or club guy

In the dating scene, who you are, what you like to do play a huge role in whether you’d score or not. In the men category, there are two types of men that are often pitched against another – the church guy and the club guy.

The church guy here refers to the God-fearing, religious, expected to be calm and faithful while the club guy is the partying, fun-loving, freakish type.

Most of the time, people want a guy who can be the church guy when they want and the club guy when they want. Navigating this and knowing very well that someone is really who they claim to be and not being a chameleon is a full-time job in the dating scene.

Parents invovled in the relationship

Being in a relationship sometimes also involves being in a relationship with their family members as well. There are people who have to run everything decision they take by a close friend or relative. This then opens the door for in-laws to be involved. Knowing how much of your parents’ relationship advice or any from others you’d take is often relationship saving.

Change the dress question

Women are still fighting for the right over their bodies even in 2021. Judging by the positions some are taking today, it seems that fight won’t be over anytime soon.

What women wear and do to their own bodies is often decided by men. It could be the men in their lives or the men making laws that affect their lives.

Yesterday, the question of what women wear became a topical issue on the show. One of the men had said if he started dating a girl who used to wear short skirts, he reserves the right to tell her to stop wearing them when they start dating.

The lady in question this time stood her ground… however, it still brought up the question… Can women wear what they want and not have men feel entitled to get women to wear what they want?

One positive thing about Date Rush is that it is getting real-life dating problems played out on television for all to see and debate about it.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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