6 People Talk About How Terrible Some Healthy Foods Taste

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Trying to start eating more healthy food options isn’t easy especially because of how bad these healthy options taste. The reason why we would rather eat a burger than eat something more plant based with lower calories is because, the burger will always taste better. We had a chat with a few people who have either been on a diet journey or just tried out some healthier food options for the fun of it and these are their experiences.

1. Joana, 23 years

What comes to mind is the first time I tried Wheat Balls with Okro Soup. Instead of consuming banku and kenkey which have a lot of carbs, I was asked to replace it wheat balls. You use raw wheat, soak it for some time and cook it like eba. And you know how the okro stew slash soup is supposed to be? This one is not “sokyeee” like the usual but I had no option cause that was I was supposed to eat. I tried to finish it sha but I didn’t enjoy it. If the okro stew was like the regular ones with the oil on top and the “selxy” spices, it would have been a bit easier to eat.

2. Faustina, 25 years

I don’t know if Sushi counts as a part of the healthy foods but yeah, I tried Sushi; the one with raw salmon. I was so excited to try it not only because it had been so hyped about but also because I was tasting it at a Korean restaurant at an airport so I figured it would be authentic. It was awful!! I threw it away! It tasted like eating raw red fish. A waste of my $10.

3. Kwabena, 26 years

Mine was Tofu. My family members had bought it and were going to add it to stew because, well, healthy living. I decided to try it and it tasted horrible. I thought it would taste like meat but it didn’t.

4. Elizabeth, 24 years

There was this vegetable soup that my grandma used to make and every other person that tasted it loved it except me 😂. The whole idea of vegetables being in a kind of soup form put me off and the taste too dier I didn’t like it at all. It was made mostly with cabbage and carrots and green pepper; predominantly vegetables and spices. But the liquid was white or cream. I don’t remember if it was water or stock that was used to make it into the soup form.

5. Esi, 25 years

I cannot forget the first time I tried some Keto Gluten-free pastries. These are pastries made with products without gluten, so like white flour, regular milk, butter etc. I wasn’t expecting it to be sweet but I also didn’t expect it to taste like cardboard. The cookies were flat. They weren’t sweet even though they used a sweetener and there was a very terrible after taste. Imagine eating cardboard with chocolate chips inside. That’s what the Keto cookies tasted like. I spat it out after I tried it because they were that bad!

6. Margaret, 23 years

Cranberry juice is one of the worst healthy food item I’ve ever tried. It has this weird bitter taste. I don’t know how to describe it but it just doesn’t taste well. I’ve had it in a tea and I’ve tried the juice but it just isn’t good. The only person I know who likes Cranberry is my mum but I assume that it’s because she’s old; she’s probably used to taking in bitter stuff. It’s basically liquid paracetamol.

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