RMD Sets Twitter Talking About Middle Aged-Men Wearing Earrings

Richard Mofe-Damijo. Photo credit: Richard Mofe-Damijo/Twitter

Award-winning Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo affectionately called by his initials RMD, has lived a full life.

As an actor, he gets to live different lives and get paid for it.

While making magic on the screen, a lot of people developed major crush on him.

Approaching 60 years in a matter of weeks, RMD finally got to do something he has been wishing to do for a long time now – wear earrings.

Richard Mofe-Damijo. Photo credit: Richard Mofe-Damijo/Twitter

Men wearing earrings in our part of the world has become controversial and often associated with deviancy or being divergent.

For instance, a man who works in corporate Africa will not be allowed to wear earrings.

Men with earrings are immediately judged and often labeled with all kinds of negative social constructs.

However, RMD is saying damn it all.. he is living his best life and being authentically him.

When he posted four photos of himself wearing an earrings, people were ready to come for him – though he remains unbothered.

Some even accused RMD or destroying the lives of those looking up to him just by wearing the earring.

While a lot of conservative Africans are turning red just because RMD wore earrings, he is loving his new life.

Maybe life begins at 60.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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