7 Students Talk About What They Think The Appeal About Dating Older Men Is

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A lot of people wonder why young girls of this generation date older men and so we decided to throw the question out there to you to know your experiences and for you to share what you’ve heard from friends. These were some interesting answers we got.

1. Elliott

I think it’s because older men seem more responsible, wiser and more experienced. Some older men are not wealthy but still the young girls go in for them.🤣🤣🤣

2. Gracy

They think being with them is peaceful and they receive lot of cash and goodies from them.

3. Ben

As3m wei! Perhaps the young men they are dating are not rich enough to take care of them and really give them what they want.

4. Tabitha

I used to date an older man sis, he was sooo caring and he always surprised me when I least expected! Lol. He bought me a looot of stuff and when I look at them I remember him.

5. Phina

Hw3 you dey der and don’t date an older man and see. Why will I date a young guy who can’t afford my needs but is always stressing me with sex sex sex?? The married man I’m currently dating provides me with what i want and more. He bought me a car last year and I was extremely happy!!

6. Mark

Girls date older men or married purposely for the kudi(money) and the vacation trips they send them on. I know of a girl who dates a married man not because of love but because of the money she gets from him and even spends the money she takes from the man and gives it to her boyfriend. 

7. Ataa Kwei

I think it’s because of money and experience. With older men, when it comes to sex and life, they’ve had enough experience as compared to we the young guys. You know an older man will date you not for marriage or commitment but rather for fun and pleasure. Older men have ways of controlling themselves and won’t act in a rush manner as some young guys would. It’s just my opinion tho.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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