5 Songs That Are Sure To Bring Out The Happy Tears At Any Wedding

Weddings are special, but you know what makes that event even more special and memorable? , The kind of songs that are played. There are some songs that “shift the atmosphere“ and make everyone want to cry tears of joy for the couple. Here are five of them.

1. Cina Soul – Die For You

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Starting off is this slow love song that tells you how she is all yours, will do anything for you and can even die for you. The soothing voice of Cina, the calm instrumentals and the mild backing vocals make this song just perfect. Play this as you guys exchange your vows and you’ll realize how much you’re willing to sacrifice and how you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your life with your partner. 

2. Meddy – Slowly

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This song might be one of the smoothest songs you’ll ever hear. It talks about how madly he is in love with his girl in a beautifully agonizing way. It’s just so beautiful how he tells how he’s given his all to love this particular girl. (Getting teary eyed just playing this song in mind🥺😂). It’ll be perfect for your wedding when you guys are exchanging kisses (ushered by the reverend minister of course 😂)

3. Iyanya – Applaudise

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It’s so unlike Iyanya to make songs like this one so you just know it’s special. Simply put, the song tells how he knew the girl was right for him (for marriage) right from the first day he saw her and how they are forever because they are not the “regular type of couple”. Its tempo is perfect for that couples who like to showcase their dance skills when heading to the reception area💃🏾🕺

4. Kelechi Africana – Ring

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This one is for the guys. In the song, the guy praises the woman he’s gotten, tells her how much he loves her and how he’s going to put a ring on that finger. With its moderate tempo making it danceable, this song is perfect for when y’all are passionately walking down the aisle. 

5. Adekunle Gold- Surrender

Image via Adekunle Gold – Surender YouTube

Drawing inspiration from the series “Skinny Girl In Transit” (At Tiwalade’s wedding , this song seems to be perfect for that dance competition between the bride and the groom that we love to watch so much. Besides that it is danceable, the fact that the song tells how the man has surrendered his all to the woman makes this song just perfect for the last dance of the wedding.

You can never go wrong with these songs on your big day peeps. They’re just perfect😍❤

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