5 Reasons Why A Small Wedding Is The Perfect Plan For You And Your Partner

Ghanaian Traditional Wedding Ceremonies

Admit it. You’ve probably sat somewhere imagining how your wedding will be like and how you would like everything to go. Chosen the outfit you would most likely wear online and just simply imagined how perfect it would be.

Usually, weddings where we invite everyone comes at a high cost and it’s really not ideal to take a loan for your wedding or start your married life in debt since a lot of people use all their savings for the event. If you’re leaning towards having a huge wedding ceremony, let us convince you to reconsider.

1. Lower cost

This is the most obvious reason. Most event centers and caterers charge according to the number of people expected. The fewer, the less you pay for.

2. You can get a luxury wedding

The more amount you save, the more you push that money into other stuff like a more expensive gown/suit or makeup artist or food and even a more bougie event venue.

3. You save more for the honeymoon

Since you can save more, you can use that money to splurge on your honeymoon. After all, the Monet is yours and you deserve to enjoy yourselves.

4. It’s less stressful

If you’re inviting just family members and a few close friends, that’s it. Anyone else will hear about it from your WhatsApp status or Instagram post later on. If they ask, you just tell them it was a family affair. That’s it. No need to be wondering how some of your other friends will take it because nobody was there. You don’t need to stress too much about the food too and be wondering whether it will be enough to feed everyone.

5. You spend time with everyone

You’ll be able to speak to everyone present by the end of the event and be able to have a really close knit event where you and your partner will feel really loved. After all, that’s the point of the ceremony.

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