3 Different Ways To Wear Your Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is an essential in your wardrobe and it’s a perfect layering piece whether worn by itself or on top of a tube or spaghetti stepped top. Denim is versatile and can be the finishing touch for almost any outfit of your choice. You can pair it with your best dress or go super casual by pairing your jackets with an oversized Tee.

1. Denim On Denim

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Don’t listen to bad vibers. Denim on denim is a Vibe! It doesn’t have to necessarily match, it’s just about keeping it simple with your accessories. The touch of a white button pants, baseball cap and a sneaker or heels keeps it sophisticated.

2. Get a different coloured jacket

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Denim doesn’t always have to be blue. If you really want to make a jean jacket stand out, you can opt for a colourful one. Brands are upping their denim jacket game by offering them in pink, orange, white, coffee, green, black and even purple etc. You can opt for a shade more appropriate for a season, so for the dry season go with white and in the wet season try black. Dare to be different!!

3. Denim On Anything

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A denim jacket buttoned all the way to the top is a perfect pairing with a skirt or trousers just pop the collar to give it a little attitude. To bring down the formality of any dress, pair it with a jean jacket and rugged worn in boots or heels it’s the perfect way to make anything seem relaxed.

You can also wear it with skinny jeans or sweatshirts or sweatpants. A hoodie looks great with a cropped denim jacket and your favourite track pants. You will look pulled together and not so casual when heading out.
For more on how to style your denim piece, check out tips for how it can so much more than a weekend style, along with your favourite jean jacket.

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