We’ve Compiled A Detailed Guide To How Ghanaian Girls Shoot Their Shots

Yesterday, Twitter was all about how Ghanaian ladies flirt and in as much as we hate to admit it, most of them are true😹😹.

If you’re expecting us to flirt like what you see in the movies then “wab) loss Kakra”😹😹😹. We aren’t shy and we claim it with our chests. If we say any of these things to you, just know that we like you.

1. Are you already lying even when the relationship hasn’t started yet? 👀

2. Once you hear this, know that she fall basaaa😹😹

3. Don’t ask us how but it always works…

4. Meaning: You look bomb asf!😍

5. How else will we hang out?🌚

6. Meaning: Do you have a girlfriend and if you do, can she fight??🌚🌚

7. “Put yourself out there,” they said. Now look at us…

8. Well, we think you are…

9. This is what we call, romantic! 😹🙈

10. If we don’t ask you if you’ve eaten, just know that it’s not that deep between us.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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