A Shortcode & 10 Regional Numbers You Can Call To Seek Mental Health Support

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If you are battling with mental health issues, then then past couple of days could be very triggering for you.

The series of reports of suicides by young people in the country has got many wondering about the state of mental health in the country and its accessibility.

Many students have also raised issues about the mental health support system available on their various campuses.

While many agree that there is a Guidance and Counselling office on their campuses they believe the office is not being proactive enough with their work.

In conversations with Kuulpeeps.com, some of the students urged the office to rather seek out students through outreach programmes and sessions and provide help instead of waiting for students to walk into their offices and ask for help.

KNUST students at a lecture

At the tertiary level, students are inundated with pressure from various aspects of their lives.

It could come from academic work, sexual harassment, dating life, finance, coping in social settings among others.

Often, the students feel like they are drowning in the many issues they have to juggle at any given point in time.

With mental health not being readily available or students not even being aware that help is available, they sometimes feel isolated in their struggle.

If you or someone you know is going through any mental health issue, such as anxiety, panic attacks, emotional distress and any psychological trauma then please know that help is available.

If you’re currently on campus then the best thing to do is to contact your Guidance and Counselling office.

If not, then you can seek help by using your phone.

Dial *844*555#, this is a shortcode to a government back Mental Health service provider called MindIT.

You would answer about three questions after which a dedicated staff would contact you to provide the support you require.

Alternatively, you can reach out to these (see below) government trained Mental Health experts in your home region. Please note that these are the old 10 regions.

Regional contacts

The month of May is marked as Mental Health Awareness month around the world. Please use this opportunity to get better.

Help is available and you’re not alone in this.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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