10 Things Ghanaians Who Wear Glasses Can Relate To

It’s almost as if we are all living the same life because I can bet that you’ll relate to 9 out of 10 things in our list if you wear glasses.

1. As a kid you thought glasses were “cool” until you finally got one and you realised it’s the absolute ghetto

Nigerian movie meme

2. You when someone destroys your glasses and you have to go home and explain why your parents have to buy you another one for the 3rd time that year.

3. Everyone who sees you automatically assumes you’re a nerd


4. You were told your glasses would “correct” your eyes but every time you go to the doctor, your eyes seem to be getting worse.

5. Now you’re grown and you have to pay for them all on your own if you really want to see. Like I said, the ghetto!

6. You when your friends take your glasses to “see how you see things”

7. And then they try to test your eyes by holding their fingers in front of their faces and asking you how many you can see

Image via zikoko memes

8. By the time your friends are done with your glasses, they’ve left greasy smudges all over the lens

9. When you remove your glasses and your friends start talking about how you look different without your glasses and how you should walk around without them often

10. When you aren’t wearing your glasses and you see someone waving in your direction and you wave back only to find out that it wasn’t you they were waving at.

Which other points did we leave out? Let us know in the comments section.

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