Workwear Outfit Inspo For Everyday Of The Week

Every woman has her own style and should be allowed to express it. We’ve given you all the style inspiration you would need to get to stand out at your workplace in this article.


Any black tailored outfit is perfect for the office especially on a Monday.

Image via Eniusman on Instagram


Don’t walk into your office wearing something as regular as an office skirt. This pleated and flair skirt will have you turning heads whenever you walk by.

Image via Dabotalawson on Instagram


It’s the middle of the week and so we encourage you to add a pop of colour to your outfit. It will help you feel and be happy especially because the week is almost ending.

Image via Simplygailg on Instagram


Usually Thursdays are a lot laidback and so you can get away with wearing jeans and a top. Just make sure the outfit is work appropriate.

Image via astyledmind on Instagram


If your office will allow really casual outfits on a Friday, you can decide to wear tattered jeans with a top and a blazer.

Image via Prissysavvy on Instagram


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