7 Fun And Educative Kids’ TV Shows That Made Our Childhood Complete

Fun World show on GTV

If you were born in the late 90s and early 2000s, you can boldly say that childhood was fun because of the experiences we had on TV.

On weekdays, most of us couldn’t wait for school to close so we can get home to watch our favourite TV shows. Saturdays were also never boring as we stayed glued to our TV sets from morning until evening watching exciting kids’ shows. On Mondays, we had discussions with our mates about the shows we watched over the weekend while anticipating the next episodes. Those were fun and exciting times.

Most of those shows we enjoyed in our childhood are no longer aired on TV. But we have put together some of the fun kids’ shows that you loved for you to relive (we didn’t get the videos for all of them though).

Here are seven fun kids’ TV shows we enjoyed in our childhood:

Fun World

Fun World aired on GTV on Saturday mornings as kids gathered in front of their TV sets to watch their mates perform on stage. The show gave kids the platform to exhibit their talent. Most of the showbiz stars we know today started at Fun World.

Do you remember the theme song? It goes like this – “Fun World, we taking you higher…”

Kyekyekule Kidz

Kyekyekule Kidz was a kids’ TV show hosted by George Laing, who was known on the show as Uncle George. The show which aired on TV3 on Saturdays involved entertaining activities that gave kids the chance to learn new things while having fun.

The tagline for the show is one that can’t be forgotten… When Uncle George shouts “kyekyekuleeee!!!”, we respond “kyekye kofisah, yeeeeeaaah!!!”

By The Fireside

By The Fireside was an educative and informative kids’ TV show that aired on GTV on Saturday evenings. The show was hosted by veteran Ghanaian actors like Maame Dokono (Grace Omaboe), Wofa Yaw and Dr Rokoto, who told Ghanaian folktale stories, mostly about Ananse, that were acted out by children with singing and dancing. The show always ended with discussions of the lessons and morals of the stories.

The theme song of the show, however, was enjoyed by many of us as we always sang along – Mpepenaa, Nana! Mpepenaa, Nana!… Si Si Sii, Sii nana ko…!”

Kwasasa Show Time

Kwasasa Show Time was kind of a quiz competition between two teams of kids. The kids had headbands on. Whenever a team gets a correct answer, all the kids clap and sing “Kwasasa! Kwasasa! Kwasasa yo!”, and when a team get a wrong answer, the opposing team claps and sings “Kwasasa! Kwasasa! Kwasa mooo”

Our Children Our Future

Our Children Our Future was an educative kids’ TV show that aired on GTV on Saturdays at 2 pm. The show entertained and educated kids to equip them with the knowledge they needed to become great leaders in the future.

Smart Kids

Smart Kids was an educative kids’ TV show that aired on GTV. The show allowed schools in the country to show the talented and smart pupils they have. Every episode highlighted a new school. The kids acted, danced, recited poems and played exciting games.

Fun House

Fun House was an exciting kids’ game show that used to air on Metro TV in the evening on weekdays, where two teams (Red Team and Gold Team) of two children (a boy and a girl) played messy games and answered questions to win a chance to run through an obstacle-strewn Fun House and also win prizes.

Which of these shows was your favourite? Tell us… And if we left your favourite out, let us know.

source: kuulpeeps.com

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