5 Tips For Dealing With Tight Freshly Done Braids

If the braids you’ve done are not Knotless, chances are, they hurt and maybe for the next 2 to 3 days, you may not be able to sleep too well. We’ve been there and so we’ve gathered these tips to help you out.

1. Wear your hair down

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Even when it’s time for bed and you want the hair off your body, don’t hold it into a ponytail before putting it inside your bonnet. This is a simple way to not tug at the roots or scalp for a period of time.

2. Use leave-in conditioner

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Apply a little leave-in on your scalp and massage it into your hair and head. This will provide a little relief for your scalp. Don’t use too much otherwise there will be too much oil on your scalp.

3. Use warm water

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You know how after braiding, the hair stylists puts a towel in warm water and presses it onto your braids? When you get home, do the same thing. You can also decide to wrap the wet towel around your head so the heat gives you comfort.

4. Scalp massage

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It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Apply hair oil of your choice onto your fingers and massage your scalp, focusing on the parts that hurt most. Massaging the roots of your braids will help loosen things up a bit.

5. Take a painkiller

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Painkillers will help relieve the pain you’re currently in. Just remember that in 2 days time you’ll be styling the hair like it’s nobody’s business and you’ll be fine. Beauty is pain but this pain will last for a short period and the rest will be you having fun.

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