6 Ways You Can Tell How Someone Is A “Last Baby”

Younger siblings always have some qualities that can be used to identify them. They don’t have to “talk much”, if you watch them you’ll be able to figure it out. Here are 5 simple “clues” on how to identify a younger sibling.

1. They’re always taller

Honestly! If you take 5 families, 4 out of the 5 have the younger siblings all taller than the first born. We don’t know why but when the siblings are walking together, people always assume the taller one is the older one even though it’s vice versa.

2. They always ask for money

They almost always claim that they don’t have money, meanwhile you know that the amount your parents give them is higher than what they gave you when you were in school. They’ll find means and ways to convince you to get extra money.

3. Always eat the last food/meat

Why? Because they are “last baby.” They “have to eat to finish growing.” You are grown so you can go without food. Does this sound familiar?👀

4. They always have to be bribed

They are so used to this lifestyle from childhood and so anytime you need their help with something, you need to give them “something small”.

5. They do better at school

The funny thing is, they usually don’t even have the strictness we had growing up like putting on the TV at certain times or going to sleep at particular times so we wake up and study the next day but someway somehow, these human beings manage to do better than you in school.

6. They are finer

No older sibling will admit it but if we are all being honest with ourselves, we will admit that our younger siblings seem to be finer and more at ease with themselves than we were at their age. It’s annoying but true.

What other quality did I leave out? Let us know in the comments section.

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